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Vehicle Transportation

Millennium Transport & Mechanics, Inc. is number 1 in the United States for vehicle transportation. We strive to provide our customers the safest, quickest, and most reliable services for your vehicle. Our transportation is fully licensed and insured and is handled with care by a Millennium Specialist from start to finish. Upon acceptance of the job we will ask for an upfront deposit (usually just a small percentage of the total ticket) and we will then secure the job. Once the job has been secured and the vehicle has been scheduled for pick up the only thing to do is wait! Once your vehicle has been picked up, you will be sent a tracking code either text message or e-mail as well as a link to set up an account. Once your vehicle has been shipped the credit or debit card you used for the deposit will be charged the remaining balance. Your vehicle will not be dropped until the remaining balance is paid off in full, unless otherwise noted. Within 24 hours of the vehicle delivery, a representative from Millennium Transport & Mechanics, Inc. will reach out to you for a follow up. If you sign up for an account within 14 days after your first shipment, you will receive a $25.00 visa gift card. Call (800)580-9506

Policy Holders

If you are an account holder of Millennium, Please sign in to your account or visit our mobile application and submit a ticket for immediate dispatch. For being an account holder there is no upfront cost or paperwork, & you are billed completely at the end of the job & even have the option to pay later (Certain Restrictions Apply). We appreciate your business & are here to assist you 24/7. Call (800)580-9506 with your policy number for assistance. If you are interested in becoming a member, fill out the fleet account profile and a specialist will be in touch with you. Call (800)580-9506

Non-Policy Holders

Millennium ensures getting you the fastest possible roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For customers with no accounts, service can still be provided as long as the dispatch fee (& only the dispatch fee) is paid up front to secure the technician or wrecker of its time, gas, & mileage. Once the service provider leaves the shop, this fee is non-refundable. Hourly, Labor, & Parts will be paid upon completion of the job and before your truck is released. Do Not Submit Payment To Technician unless otherwise noted. 


Mobile Mechanic $125.00 After Hours TBD

                                                            Heavy Duty Tow $150.00 After Hours TBD

                                                            On-Site Tire Repair $125.00 After Hours TBD                                                  

Returns Policy

Millennium Transport & Mechanics, Inc. has a strict NO REFUND policy on the callout once the technician leaves the shop. We take this fee up front from non-account holders to insure the precious time, gas, & mileage of our service providers. Once the service provider has been dispatched & you want to cancel the job for whatever reason, the callout is non-refundable. You will not be charged anything more. 

In the rare and unlikely event of a no show of the service provider and you have not canceled you are entitled and will be refunded 100%. Millennium Transport & Mechanics, Inc. is not out to steal your money. We believe in safe & friendly highways, not highway robbery! Call (800)580-9506

Millennium Transport & Mechanics, Inc. is not responsible or liable for outstanding balances for non-account holders. 

Privacy Policy

Upon dispatch, Millennium Transport and Mechanics will send a payment authorization form via fax or e-mail for the customer to complete and return with a copy of a valid drivers license, and a voided check or the front of your credit/debit card. Upon receiving your completed authorization and credentials, Millennium Transport and Mechanics will proceed to charge the call-out or deposit depending on services being rendered and your information will be stored in a secure drive that are only accessible in office to representatives of Millennium Transport and Mechanics who have taken and passed PCI compliance test. Your information is kept safe and secure and is NOT shared with anyone for any reason. Upon completion of service, you will be notified of the remaining balance that must be paid in full before your unit is released. We will not charge your account for the remaining balance without your permission and acceptance. Your information is kept on file for 180 days and shall be permanently deleted after. Any lose paper documents are shredded shortly after driver has been dispatched. Your security is a priority to us here at Millennium Transport and Mechanics, Inc. Thank you for choosing Millennium and Discovering the Millennium Difference for Yourself.